A Social Impact Database For Bay Area Businesses


Clients will tell you that we are curious folk; brainy and a little eccentric. It's true but I can explain.

It's not unusual for our team to routinely contemplate problems and rework solutions until one of us decides to tap out (aka gives up because we're slightly competitive.) In fact, this recently happened when we discussed the challenge of finding like-minded social impact businesses in the bay area. It began like this:

Alex, my ninja-with-the-numbers partner, quips that we need a way to identify our do-gooder brethren:

A: "I wish there was a way we could connect with each other."

G: "Samesies. Or an easier way to support each other! Would be cool to financially support local mission-driven brands, hire social enterprises, or just pay a little more to elevate social causes."

Below are the fruits of our contemplation. In short, Alex and I poured over the interwebs; searching for any sign of a platform or curated list that would scratch the itch we had unintentionally developed. We never found one so we started our own!

Here is the (ongoing) database that Saint Gabe has been working on. We hope you find it useful, and can also help to keep it going! Every day, a new social impact organization/business arises in the marketplace. If you happen to come across a socially conscious company, startup or enterprise that we need to know about, send us an email with their details! We’ll review it and add it to the database if appropriate. Enjoy!