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Our Team

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Hello, allow
us to introduce ourselves. 

We’re entrepreneurs by trade, innovators at heart and a little eccentric by choice.  

We're passionate about making this world a better place and firmly believe that mission-driven companies no longer have to sacrifice profit for purpose. Here's why:

It’s in our DNA to craft result-focused campaigns, design distinctive brands that amplify our client's voice, and  develop social business models that scale both revenue + social impact.

Complacency is the enemy of growth. So, if you’re looking for an agency to help you maintain the status quo, you’re in the wrong place.

BUT If this is sounds like your cup of tea, then welcome to the Saint Gabe family! We’ll roll up our sleeves and together we’ll grow your mission-driven business. 


Gabriella Cook,Founder

"With seven years of experience under my belt, we can dissect my business acumen, the college accolades and whether I think AI will put me out of business, but Saint Gabe's story exceeds all the small talk.

As the daughter of Mexican parents who worked incredibly hard for the American dream, I created Saint Gabe to give mission-driven companies the same opportunity my folks gave me; to live with confident vision and incredible purpose." 



Anam Khawaja,Partner

"I’m a visual storyteller whose work is rooted in human-connecting research, open minded dialogue, and pixel perfect artwork.

I use my strengths in UI/UX, vector illustration, and graphical elements in every project, but my secret weapon is a deep passion for women's rights, economic equality, and environmental sustainability.  

The result? My human-centric designs create fresh brand experiences that truly make a splash."



Alex Quen,Partner

"My focus is simple and efficient; to solve the big challenges and produce result-driven solutions that truly make this world a better place. I call it a Legacy Mindset. 

As a business strategist and the former "finance guy" for several social enterprises and startups, I've also learned one thing:

Everyone needs strategic partners who are Swiss Army Knives, analytics nerds, and champions for their cause. I'm all three."