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Hello! allow us to introduce ourselves.


"As a self-professed marketing nerd with seven years of experience, I can humbly say I've mastered the art of scaling data-driven solutions. 

Clients say I have the ability to “see the big picture while executing the details,” and while I’m beaming with gratitude…

Here’s what drives me:

As the daughter of parents who worked incredibly hard for the American dream, I founded Saint Gabe to give purpose-driven brands the same opportunity my folks gave me; to become a powerful catalyst for change." 

"I’m a visual storyteller whose work is rooted in research, customer-centric dialogue, and pixel perfect artwork.

I have technical chops in UI/UX, vector, and graphic illustration as well as a personal passion for women's rights, economic empowerment, and environmental sustainability.

These interests are the creative fuel that helps me convey a brand’s message to the world.

The result?

My designs create rich brand experiences that connect with an audience and truly make a splash.

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